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Ed Kit cover Teachers are the salt of the earth. They are the co-parents of every child or adolescent in school. They know the students so well. They are often the first to notice if there is a change in a child’s demeanor or if “something’s just not right” with the kids who come to them every day. Students all come to school carrying their joys and their heartaches. So often teachers are the ones they tell about so many things, including problem drinking at home.

Research shows that children who survive a life in high risk families usually have found an adult or two whom they can trust and who provide consistent support to them over the years. Very often this adult is a teacher.

We invite you to use these materials designed to assist teachers as they attempt to help the children in their classes who come from homes where alcohol or other drug addiction rules their families. The information and skills identified in the “Kit for Educators” have been compiled with the input of many teachers and other school personnel across the country who function as the special adult in the life of a high risk child. We hope that it will be useful to all of you teachers who seek assistance in helping our kids, as well as the springboard for the help and healing that you so generously offer to the children you serve.

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