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Gift Planning at NACoA

Gift Planning At NACoA Planned gifts include many creative and flexible ways to make a difference with NACoA. In addition to achieving personal objectives, you may receive substantial benefits from state and federal tax laws. While your commitment to help the organization is your most important reason for a contribution, you should also consider how you might benefit financially from your gift:

  • Income tax deductions. To encourage private contributions, you are allowed to deduct them on your income tax return, provided you itemize.
  • Reduction of estate and probate costs. Gifts to NACoA, either now or after your lifetime, avoid federal estate tax without any percentage limitation.
  • Unlock appreciated investments. You may have assets that have grown in value but have a low yield. You can contribute these, and not incur tax on your capital gains.
  • Increase your income. If you chose a life income gift, you may actually increase your income because of higher income yields and the combined benefits of your charitable deduction and capital gains tax savings.

For all these reasons, planned giving is smart giving. Planned giving may help you accomplish multiple goals with your assets and give more to the organization than you thought possible. Among the vehicles you might use to support NACoA through your estate plans are


Life Income Plans

Retirement Plans and Life Insurance

Gifts of Appreciated Property

Any of these vehicles carry great benefit for the donor, and will help secure NACoA's critical work through future generations. For information on any of these ways to support NACoA, please contact us at 301-468-0985.


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