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coa book Children of Substance Abusing Parent
Offering an invaluable look at treatment options and interventions across the life span. Contributors include a wide range of experts who provide up-to-date evidence-based clinical and programmatic strategies for working with children of substance-abusing parents of any age and I almost any practice setting. NACoA's $40 price includes a 20% discount off the retail price.
lost Lost Childhood: Growing Up In An Alcoholic Family a half-hour award-winning documentary showing young children of alcoholics who speak about their experiences with an honesty and wisdom beyond their years. 17 years later, two of the children discuss the critical impact on their lives of the help received in their childhood. DVD is an excellent tool for adult and adolescent audiences. $32.00 (15%discount for members) Order DVD
coareading cover

Children of Alcoholics: Selected Readings.
Second Edition NACoA’s publication of articles by leading authorities, both researchers and clinicians. Order (15% discount for members)
30th Anniversary Special! $9.95

EC Pros Kit

Kit for Early Childhood Professionals
This 27-page kit provides essential information about COAs for workers in day care centers. Download this publication
$9.95 Order (15% discount for members).

Educators Kit

Kit for Educators
This 34-page resource kit provides essential information about children of alcoholics (COAs) for teachers and school counselors. $8.00 Order (15% discount for members).


Kit for Kids
Written specifically for children and youth, this 8-page booklet includes factual information about alcoholism and strategies to cope for children of alcohol or other drug addicted families. Download this publication
$4.00 Order (15% discount for members).


Kit for Parents
This 14-page booklet offers facts about alcoholism, how parents can support their children and get help for themselves and their spouses. Download this publication
$8.50 Order (15% discount for members).


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