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Social Work Core Competencies Identified and Curriculum Module Developed

NACoA’s Social Work Initiative began in earnest in 2005 with the first of two expert panel meetings of social work educators and clinicians and representatives of the Council on Social Work Education and the National Association of Social Workers. These meetings identified the core competencies for social workers to address the needs of children living in alcohol or drug abusing families and planned strategies for infusing knowledge, skills and attitudes into the social work curriculum and into continuing education for practicing social workers. Following are the report of these meetings and a curriculum module that can be infused into existing social work education courses based on the core competencies and the panel recommendations.

Counselor and COA

The Health and Social Impact of Growing Up With Alcohol Abuse and Related Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Human and Economic Costs of the Status Quo.
Recognizing the interrelationship of growing up in a family with addiction and other serious adverse childhood experiences that create chronic emotional stress for developing children, NACoA is pleased to make available the paper prepared as a handout to accompany a presentation that Dr. Anda’s gave at a special Children’s Forum event in Washington, D.C. in October 2006, The Health and Social Impact of Growing Up With Alcohol Abuse and Related Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Human and Economic Costs of the Status Quo.

coa_bookAttention Social Workers, Therapists, and Advocates for Children.
NACoA is offering this outstanding new resource at a 20% discount. Featuring experts on children of substance abusers and strategies for providing prevention, intervention and therapy, It is a"must read" for mental health professionals and students who need to understand and treat this population. To order


NIAAA Social Work Curriculum on Alcohol Use Disorders. This curriculum is designed for social work educators who prepare professionals to practice in a variety of settings where they have the opportunity to improve outcomes for their clients who either have an identifiable alcohol use disorder or are at risk for developing one. The curriculum covers current research in the areas of epidemiology, etiology, prevention, screening, assessment, intervention and motivational interviewing, legal and ethical issues, coordinated care systems, intimate partner violence, adolescence, women, older adults, homelessness, comorbidity, sexual orientation, refugees and immigrants, ethnicity, disability, and fetal exposure to alcohol. Section 10J on Alcohol and Families is highly recommended.

The Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, available from The Haworth Press at www.haworthpress.com, provides information to social workers on the latest developments in the field of addictions. It publishes refereed articles for treating and preventing substance abuse and other addictions which directly affect social work practice in the addictions.

In addition the book by Straussner, S. L. and Fewell, C.H. (2006). Impact of Substance Abuse on Children and Families : Research and Practice Implications is available from Haworth Press and is co-published as the Volume 6, Numbers1/2, 2006 issue of the Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.

This book focuses on the impact of parental alcoholism and drug addiction on children. These children are at risk of developing many illnesses, both physical and mental. It is an important contribution to the literature and to increasing our understanding of this issue. <

Social Work professors may find this additional background reading to be beneficial -- for themselves or their students -- about the impact of addiction on the family and the individuals living within it. Tian Dayton, Ph.D, TEP, provides a compelling discussion of the issues in the article The Set Up: Living With Addiction.


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