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Today, more than ever, there is enormous pressure on schools and students to meet state and federal learning standards. To accomplish this arduous task, schools invest a great deal of time and money in curriculum development, staff development, policies, procedures, and testing. Despite these efforts to create an environment where students are “ready to learn,” there are students who fail to meet the standards. For many, this failure has nothing to do with a lack of skills, intellectual capacity, teacher competency, or school environment. Rather, emotional turmoil, alcohol or drug use, living with alcohol or drug dependent parents, and other problems interfere with students’ ability to learn, socialize, and interact with others in the classroom and extracurricular activities in healthy and productive ways.

A Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a comprehensive (K-12) school based program that identifies issues which prevent students from learning and being successful in school and provides education, prevention, early identification, intervention, referral and support groups for affected students. Help is Down the Hall: A Handbook on Student Assistance was developed by NACoA for the federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Following are the forms in the handbook for easy downloading and use by student assistance professionals.

Key Contacts for Special Problems-Page 59 (1 page)

Assessing Educational Student Support Groups-Student Support Group Evaluation-Page 60-63 (4 pages)

Educational Student Support Group-Process Evaluation- Page 64 (1 page)

Educational Student Support Group-Facilitator Skills Self-Assessment-Page 65 (1 page)

Student Assistance Program Checklist – Page 88-94 (7 pages)

Sample Annual Program Activity Report - Page 95-97 (3 pages)

Student Assistance Program Reporting Logic Manual –Page 98 (1 page)

Student Assistance Follow Up Form- Page 99 (1 page)

Student Assistance Tracking Form – Page 100 (1 page)



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