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NACoA Training Center

NACoA offers a wide range of educational programs, training tools, and outstanding national research, training and treatment experts on addiction, the impacted family, trauma, and young, adolescent, and adult children of alcoholics. Programs and training focus especially on the Core Competencies developed by field experts and leading educators in primary care practices, clergy education, education and social work as part of NACoA’s program initiatives.

Community-based one-day trainings for faith leaders: NACoA and the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) partner to provide one-day trainings of congregational leaders across the country under The Clergy Education and Training Project®. Over 28 have taken place in as many states, reaching nearly 2,000 practicing clergy and other congregational leaders.

NACoA’s Online Education Center
On Demand education and training opportunities for clergy, other professionals, and any person interested in learning how to help the children in their midst who are being hurt by parental alcohol or drug addiction. The most recent course added specifically addresses children of alcohol or drug addicted parents and ways to support them and help them build resilience. The courses can be accessed at any time 24/7 for a convenient way to increase your knowledge and skills. Just go to http://nacoa.macrovolt.com to learn more about the courses and to register.

Certificate in Spiritual Caregiving to Help Addicted Persons and Families
Based on the handbook and curriculum, in Spiritual Caregiving to Help Addicted Persons and Families, this certificate will provide faith leaders with basic knowledge about addiction, strategies to help families and children, and information about community resources and mutual support groups. Obtaining this certificate will help you become more knowledgeable and comfortable in supporting those hurting members of your congregation and faith community begin the road to recovery. Access the application form (PDF) For more information on course requirements – and for other on-line courses for clergy and pastoral ministers, visit http://www.nacoa.org/clergy.htm


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