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Topic: Alcohol and Drug Dependence: Its Impact on Congregations, Families and Community Understanding Addiction, Promoting Recovery
A webinar program of The Clergy Education and Training Project®

  • Title Slide NACoA’s Clergy Education and Training Project® provides training and technical assistance to faith leaders, treatment and recovery agencies, community-based organizations and public officials. NACoA staff and diverse faith leaders help local stakeholders understand how alcohol and drug dependence impacts individuals, children and families in their congregations, resources, strategies and tools available for faith leaders and encourages collaborative action to address local conditions. For more information, please call 301-468-0985
  • Core Competencies for Clergy and Other Pastoral Ministers In Addressing Alcohol and Drug Dependence and the Impact On Family Members
    The Very Reverend Thomas M. Dragga, D.Min Rector, Borromeo Seminary Diocese of Cleveland, OH


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